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Relocation Services Home Watching

Your home is your greatest financial investment.  Purchasing a home from afar and then moving is stressful enough. I can help by watching over your home until you are ready to make the move.  My experience as a  home inspector means I am uniquely qualified to maintain your home until you relocate.  I can work directly with you, a realtor or family member who lives near by. 


My Experiences
I have been home watching and inspecting homes for over 4 years. I think the key to successful home watching has been providing flexibility for my clients. I am a text or call away to ensure everything with your home is ok.  The most common service is simply checking on home to ensure all is ok with the property. Boise really has four seasons and the services typically change to ensure the home is prepared for each.


My services are similar to my Snowbirds clients with a few differences.  My clients who are relocating to Boise typically need someone to be at home for the arrival of contractors to do work on the home, or receive delivery of appliances ordered. The good news is you have someone to call and be available to allow access to home under supervision. 

Prices starting at $25 per visit to your home.

Prices vary based on location and service.

I just bought a home in Idaho, but I am still living in California. I hired Frank to watch my house to make sure all is OK. Knowing Frank is coming by to make sure everything is fine lets me sleep at night! I highly recommend his services.


                                                                                                         --- Suzi 

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