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I will gladly provide a quote to perform these additional services. Give me a call or fill out a request form so I can create a plan that meets your needs. I strive to provide piece of mind while taking care of you and your home.

  • Coordinating airport transportation

  • Snow removal

  • Receiving deliveries

  • Grocery shopping

  • ​​Yard services including mowing, watering, and debris removal

  • Serve as 24hr emergency contact for alarm company

  • Coordinating maintenance or qualified professional services

  • Coordinating of housekeeping services

  • Waiting service for utilities/vendors

  • Supervision of service providers

  • Mail collection and forwarding

  • Vehicle start or move

  • ​Charge vehicle battery

We recently had the pleasure of contracting with Frank Delavan, from Idaho Snowbirds, to ‘watch over’ our home during our initial absence. Naturally, we were slightly nervous about entrusting this responsibility to a complete stranger.  I’m happy to say this arrangement was a resounding success! Frank provided us with exceptional, professional service from start to finish. His weekly home status reports were punctual, thorough and he exceeded our expectations on performing his assigned duties.


If ‘home watching’ is in your future……don’t hesitate to contact Idaho Snowbirds!  You’ll sleep better knowing your home is in capable hands.

--- Lynn & George        

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