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Whether you are a Snowbird or a Sunbird, or simply relocating to our beautiful valley, we have a solution to meet your home watch needs.  Why have a home watch service? Owning a property requires maintenance and unexpected issues can occur while you are away.  Issues like water damage, uninvited pests, snow removal, and internet and power outages. I will keep an eye on your property and help solve issues that may arise so that you have peace of mind while away.



We recently had the pleasure of contracting with Frank Delavan, from Idaho Snowbirds, to ‘watch over’ our home during our initial absence. Naturally, we were slightly nervous about entrusting this responsibility to a complete stranger.


I’m happy to say this arrangement was a resounding success! Frank provided us with exceptional, professional service from start to finish. His weekly home status reports were punctual, thorough and he exceeded our expectations on performing his assigned duties.


If ‘home watching’ is in your future……don’t hesitate to contact Idaho Snowbirds!  You’ll sleep better knowing your home is in capable hands.


--- Lynn & George        

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